The Violin: Its History and Making, by Karl Roy, hard cover book with slip case, 765 pp

Decades in preparation, this monumental study of the violin is unlike any other in its sweep, breadth of coverage, and comprehensive detail.Its History: Karl Roy presents the violin in relation to predecessor musical instruments starting with the harps of Ur, the flutes of ancient Egypt and the lires of classical Greece. These instruments slowly developed into the many types of plucked and bowed instruments of the Medieval and early Renaissance times. This history provides the backdrop for understanding the design and construction of the violin known today. The text is richly illustrated with images of pictures and sculpture showing the various musical instruments.Its Making: Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of meticulous hand drawn figures, the book describes the process of violinmaking from the selection of wood, through varnishing, and instrument setup. But this is no cookbook, with a step-by-step list of do’s and don’ts. Instead, the focus is on understanding, then doing. As Karl Roy writes, “50% of the training is the training of the eye.” So there is extensive discussion of why things are done and alternative procedures, along with their advantages and disadvantages.The text thoroughly discusses the preparation and application of violin varnish. An extensive glossary describes the many resins, gums, and solvents that have been used for varnish and evaluates their advantages and disadvantages. Many recipes for spirit, fatty oil, and etheric oil varnishes are included. Contains nearly 800 pages of information of interest to the afficionado or maker. It is lavishly illustrated with both Master Roy's illustrations and images from museums throughout the world, and comes in a slipcase.

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