Italian Violin Makers- Meister Italienischer. Geigenbaukunst, 8. Auflage

by Walter Hamma, the 8th edition, revised and enlarged by Josef-Stefan Blum, harcover linen bound with dust jacket, printed in 1993- 804 pp. One of the must have Standard Reference books. Numerous Opinions and judgements on the subject of violins are based upon this book. The encyclopedia not only contains the great Italian makers but also those of lesser repute. More that 300 famous violins are described and the instruments chosed are representative examples of the maker's work and not some unusual or uncharacteristic specimen. Special attention has been put on the quality of the photographs and illustrations assembled in order to show the details of F holes and C-bouts. A total of 148 violin makers from the 17th century up until 1930. Text in English,German, French and Italian.

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