Andrea Amati and the birth of the violin ( Un corpo alla ricerca dell'anima… Andrea Amati e la nascita del violino )

edited by: Renato Meucci. A two volume book on Andrea Amati, Volume 1: Exhibition Catalogue, Volume 2: Essays. The Exhibition Catalouge contains an article relative to the origins of violin making in Italy and is followed by historical notes on Andrea Amati. The origins of Italian violin making: rather like an obstacle course, Carlos Chiesa - Historical notes on Andrea Amati, Fausto Cacciatori Report of the analysis of violin Charles IX made by Amati in 1566. This volume contains color illustrations of the instruments on exhibition in many views. Instruments included in this selection are: Violino piccolo, ca. 1570, Violino Tullie House, ca. 1566, Violino carol IX 1566, Viola, ca. 1560, and violoncello The King, post 1538. The Essays contains the following essays: Cremonese culture in the 16th century, Music in the 16th century in Cremona, Reconsidering the origins of the violin, from the fiddle to the violin and the violin 'consort' in the 16th century. Vol 1 - 183 pages, Vol 2 - 160 pages. Dimensions 12 x 9.5 inches, Soft-cover.

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